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Dear Friend,

The mobile phone application is poised to become the next big thing in the market. I know you may think: iPhone applications are just playthings and who would pay for all these anyway?

Well, let me talk about a real life person whom we will call X for privacy reasons. X wanted to create some sideline income to supplement his day job, so he created little applications that people could download for a small fee. He didn't think much of it, but to his amazement and surprise, it generated four figure sums after a few days, then a staggering $800,000 over the next five months.

It's strange how little things like that can place huge profits into your pocket but it’s true. Besides X, a handful of programmers have come up with 'silly' little applications that are downloaded numerous times, and bringing their creators at least 5 figure sums of cold, hard cash.

Yeah, you mentioned only programmers can create such applications. But I'm not! Does that mean I'll have to go for a private course and spend time learning how to create these applications?"

No, you won't have to. Yes, it’s true that you'll need programming knowledge. But
you're not going to be the one who does all that mucking around.

I mean, can you imagine Steve Jobs actually doing all that technical work for Apple? Of course not! Successful people like him delegate their work to others while they rack their brains and come up with more brilliant cash generating ideas

That was one of the things I learnt when I tried to create my own iPhone applications. Sheesh, I struggled for weeks, wasting hours in research, tweaking, and messing around with programming matters.

When I finally hit my eureka moment, I looked back and realized that it took me heck of a time just to create one application. So I retraced back my steps, refined the process and did it all over again. This time round, I was able to create an application that was way faster and more profitable than the previous one

Talking to several wannabe application creators on forums, I realized their one major concern was a lack of guidance in creating iPhone applications. They didn't know head nor tail!

It's Time To Jump In On The Hottest Market Around...

How many times have we all sat back and thought "Why didn't I think of that?"

The time is NOW to jump on this market, and strike while the iron is red hot, and that's why I have created this unique eBook and course for you, nothing comes close to what is on offer today......

Introducing: Instant Phone Riches


The Most In-Depth iPhone app Manual Online Is At Your Fingertips!

Instant Phone Riches is a step by step manual that will take you by the hand through the maze to creating and profiting from your own iPhone apps.

From brainstorming to the actual creation of your very first app, you could be the NEXT iPhone app millionaire!

Discover how people with absolutely NO technical know how are raking in 5 or 6 figures easily selling iPhone read that right, people with no knowledge on iPhone app development are making insane money right now!

Creating an application
doesn't require you to be a genius or have programming skills. This guide will show you how you can get top-notch programmers to work with you and soak you in creative juices you never had to produce a hot-selling application!

Important matters in creating an application that you will learn include:

  • Creating applications that sell like hotcakes and loading your wallet with tons of cash!

  • Important factors to consider when looking for a reliable, solid programmer who will create profitable and engaging applications your customers will love!

  • How to not end up shelling a ton of cash for a sneaky programmer who takes your money and idea then disappears faster than a ninja on crack!

  • Digging out tons of profit-generating, hysteria inducing ideas that turn into red hot, magnetic applications people will fight to own!

  • Know exactly what your customers want in an application with these cunning little methods!

  • Leveraging on the hottest trends to discover quick ideas for a popular application

  • Key things you need to do before even developing your application – miss this and all your efforts will be wasted.

  • Using little known online resources that help any technological dummy create applications easily!

  • Circumstances where you should promote free applications and when you should promote paid applications

But...that's not all. There are other things that you need to learn when it comes to getting your application seen by everyone else out there and it takes marketing skill to get your product noticed.

Fortunately, that will be a piece of cake once you learn:

  • The key steps to leveraging on the deadly viral power of social media sites

  • How to get tons of strangers to promote your application without them becoming your affiliate!

  • Using other simple web 2.0 applications to have hordes of targeted, hungry buyers tussle for your applications (It's so simple that you'll slap yourself for not thinking of it!)

  • Don't have the resources to develop an application? Here's a secret to profiting big time in the application market without developing one yourself!

  • And much, much more!

There are private classes and courses charging seriously ridiculous amounts of money – some in the thousands for courses that teach you how to create these precious, gold application nuggets.

I could easily charge you a four figure sum for everything but I won’t be doing that because I struggled when I first started out, and I know how it feels to be broke and desperate – IT SUCKS.

After my discussion with the guys in the forums, I wanted to help the 'little guy', the layman in the street who has always dreamed of earning good money doing something he enjoyed.

So I have decided to make this guide easily accessible for just about any struggling person for the limited introductory price of only...

 $67 only!  $47 only! 

$ 19.95

I will even make this deal a little sweeter for you by including my popular FLASH eBook version, absolutely free!


Interactive Flash eBook FREE
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Comes as an Interactive Flash eBook, turn the pages and hear them turn just like a real book!

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Just imagine this: For a one time fee of $19.95, you'll get a lifestyle which starts every Monday at 11:00am, waking up lazily, switching on your computer in your pajamas, discovering that you roped in $2,000 the day before, slowly frying your eggs and bacon, savoring your coffee, spending another 2 hours working on your computer, and you're done for the day!

And I'm placing my personal reputation is on the line with the:


100% Money Back Guarantee!

That's right. Instant Phone Riches is completely guaranteed. I believe that you'll find such tremendous value in this resource that I'm willing to give you every last penny of your money back, no questions asked, if you're not completely satisfied.  

That makes Instant Phone Riches a risk-free proposition for you--a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get a grip on the world of iPhone app development and you have a full 60 days to decide!


As more and more people jump on the iPhone application market day by day, the stakes get higher, competition heats up, the pie shrinks and more rabid wolves fight over a stale piece of meat.


YES!  Connor I must have "Instant Phone Riches" right now, and to start learning how to start developing your own iPhone apps.

I also understand that I will learn how to set myself these goals:

  • Extra income to make life easier

  • A chance to change your lifestyle

  • The freedom to call your own shots

  • An opportunity to take control of your time

  • The ability to do something you really love

  • To finally build that serious income you want and deserve?

I also understand that I have a full 60 days money back guarantee if I decide this eBook is not for me.

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Trust me, you DO NOT want to be in that situation. While the iron is hot, strike it. Seize the day. A ton of people who are salivating over this market still do not know how to break into its compounds and steal the steaming hot pie.

But you do. In fact, all the secrets of creating profitable applications in the easiest, most effective manner have already been placed into the palm of your hand.

All you need to do to unlock the techniques and methods that will stuff thousands of dollars into your bank accounts is to follow the link below:

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Connor Funderburke

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